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The Exorcist #Wattys2017

The Exorcist #Wattys2017

2.8K Reads 158 Votes 15 Part Story
Silence By The13thBrokenOne Updated Jul 05, 2017

Have you ever wondered if there was something lurking in the shadows? Or maybe something was watching you? Nine year old 
Zack Runner did but he be dismissed it as just him imagination. Until one night he came home and found his entire family dead, with one sentence written on the wall in his family's blood. That sentence was "the shadows are real." Now Zack wants revenge on the killer. But he must learn the ancient ways of the Exorcist in order to fight in the world of the shadows. Follow Zack on his epic adventure into a violent world where he will encounter, monster, love, and eventually the truth.

  • blade
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  • demons
  • evil
  • fists
  • good
  • gunner
  • runner
  • sword
  • wattys2017
  • zack