Technicalities: My Step-Brother (boyxboy)

Technicalities: My Step-Brother (boyxboy)

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.___. By TheNocturnal Updated Feb 13, 2016

Alex moved to Clarkston, Michigan with his mom recently so his mother could be closer to her boyfriend. Considering his dad had passed away when he was little, Alex doesn't understand the rules and concepts of love after love... Or love in general... Will Alex's new step-brother Damen be able to show him how to love? Will their relationship ruin the upcoming marriage between their parents?  Does Alex actually love another guy?

Alex's confusions just seem to make his life harder and harder.

Is Damen really worth the struggle?

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I've lost 2 sisters that way I happened when I was little so didn't  really understand but now that I'm older i get it
I mean who puts a hand randomly on someone's someone else's chest? And what if the the other person was a girl? Lol then I would definitely do it
Emmi1D4Life Emmi1D4Life Mar 22
Caleb Briel has the most blue eyes I've ever seen.  But otherwise he's ugly and he can't sing. :(
IQofaCarrot IQofaCarrot Jun 19, 2017
Yes I did I'm from that great great place he might not be but I am
Brydazzled_1121 Brydazzled_1121 Aug 27, 2017
I HATE WHEN TEACHERS DO THAT!!!! Especially since I'm mute when I'm not around my family so it's always super embarrassing. And my mom has a job that makes her move a lot so it's hard for me and my brothers
thatbitchonline101 thatbitchonline101 Jun 30, 2017
What ?!?
                              Secondary school is 12- 17 in Ireland 
                              11-17 in Britain