Technicalities: My Step-Brother (boyxboy)

Technicalities: My Step-Brother (boyxboy)

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Alex moved to Clarkston, Michigan with his mom recently so his mother could be closer to her boyfriend. Considering his dad had passed away when he was little, Alex doesn't understand the rules and concepts of love after love... Or love in general... Will Alex's new step-brother Damen be able to show him how to love? Will their relationship ruin the upcoming marriage between their parents?  Does Alex actually love another guy?

Alex's confusions just seem to make his life harder and harder.

Is Damen really worth the struggle?

I know how you feel.  It happend with my dad.  But not only my mom died.  He left me.  BE GRATEFUL.  Love you.  😙😙
In My District k-5 Is Elementary, 6-8 Is Middle, And 9-12 Is High school
House is that disrespectful. My dads alive and I talk about him to my mom all the time. Good things. Don't worry.
Devygirl3 Devygirl3 Nov 14
"The bus don't wait for no one."
                              "Don't miss the bus, 'cuz the bus waits for no one." ~Ron Wilson, Sky High
Its not REAL love if you can leave it so quickly. Some people are worse that the freaking fourth graders at NY school!
doyoureckon doyoureckon 2 days ago
Um, don't you think 12 years is a little bit too much for you to be upset