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Akatsuki Babysitters? Rewrite.

Akatsuki Babysitters? Rewrite.

132K Reads 9.5K Votes 24 Part Story
a ninja By writer168 Completed

Four year old Sakura and the Akatsuki.

Agatha_Dragneel Agatha_Dragneel Apr 04, 2016
Aww! Wait...ITS THE APOCALYPSE!!! OHMEHGED HE SMILED HE FREAKING SMILED!!! -fangirls- -calms down- he's cute -blushes-
AndWeWereAllLike AndWeWereAllLike Mar 25, 2016
Whoops, Deidara's smiling Sakura! I never would've guessed either!
                              It looks like your gonna have to make a new drawing Sakura, and this time curve the "pink thingies" on his hand.
                              Because he's smiling.
phxxnxgxrl phxxnxgxrl Aug 13, 2016
What's the pink thingies?? LOL. A SLOW ONE HERE! PLEAS HEEEELP!
Blade-Of-Spirit Blade-Of-Spirit Aug 02, 2016
*fangirling intensely*
                              Asako: if you keep doing that you're going to break something
CoffinGorl CoffinGorl Mar 04, 2016
Where? On his face? On his chest? On his hands? LOL XD IM SORRY SO CUTE THO SAKU-CHAN
floppylala floppylala Jul 04, 2016
Omg I bailed my eyes out like a fricken baby when I read this