Nightwing and the Jade Dragon

Nightwing and the Jade Dragon

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Imagine someone jumping from roof to roof. Imagine that girl dressed in all black, with a green mask. Now Imagine that person being a young teenage girl who's only 16. Well, that girl is a new villain by the name of Jade Dragon.

Jade Dragon is a new villain on the streets. She was trained by the 3 most deadly females in Gotham. The Gotham sirens. They served as 3 awesome guardians that took her under their wing when they found her on the streets when she was 8 with enough fight in her for 3 people. Now, she's attending Gotham high and will try her best to not let anyone know her secret.

When she meets a certain vigilante with a blue bird on his chest, feelings blossom. Schoolgirl during the day, and villainess by night, how will she manage to balance a boy into all of that!? Especially not when she develops feelings for a boy named Dick Grayson at her school! Being a teen is hard work!

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Can you three adopt me? I'm a mixture of your personalities but I need guidance
Vitigirl Vitigirl Aug 16, 2017
Because dick digs red-heads? 😂 I want to have read hair😭
I just love those three when they get so sweet and kind towards a kids. I absolutely love it! 😍😍
Halluxx Halluxx Jun 07, 2017
Just a question. Did she now what say or did someone tell her or she just randomly said the words come dragon backwards and her tattoo came to life
Ruindoleth Ruindoleth Apr 08, 2016
'She is immune to...anything really hot' hot like dick Grayson 😏😏😏😏😏😂😂😂
Super_Hero_nerd1 Super_Hero_nerd1 May 26, 2016
Love the beginning so haha the name probably got her Catwoman points!