Silent Memories (Emery Scott)

Silent Memories (Emery Scott)

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Kiera Veronica By kiera-veronica Updated Oct 19

They say history has a habit of repeating itself. Good girl falls in love with a bad boy? Emery never thought this is something that could possibly happen to her, but it did.

You may remember the infamous story of Tessa and Hardin. A sweet, simple, ambitious good girl falls for every mother's worse nightmare, the bad boy.

This time? This time the story is about their little girl, who despite all efforts to avoid a relationship that holds all the toxicity her parents went through can't help but fall for the wrong boy. 

Insert Axel Grey. 

He's rude, negative, a little broken. Axel is undeniably attractive and completely everything like her dad's younger years. Emery should want nothing to do with him and she does but a little part of her heart aches for him. When they touch something ignites within side her, something she is desperate to explore. 

Emery Fan fiction.