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Fatal Attractions (Charles Xavier Love Story)

Fatal Attractions (Charles Xavier Love Story)

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Sam Murray By hipstersammy Completed

        The Egyptians once worshiped felines because of their belief that they were of God origin.  This is the reason you see figures with cat-like features in their hieroglyphics.  In the middle of a crowded city, no one held such outlooks on these creatures.  Around big places like so, you would find them abandoned down alleyways, prowling the streets in search of food and fresh water.  Among these small animals, a little goddess of their own mingled with them.  A young girl, abandoned by her parents.  She was thin, scared, and the definition of a real freak.
        She didn't know how long she had been out on the streets, but she could barely remember a thing before her harsh life.  It made sense to her why she was abandoned at such a young age; the normal people walked among themselves without a problem while this little girl was forced to hide in darkness.  With her cat ears and tail, it was no wonder.
        Kittens adored her; dogs despised her.  And for years, she never thou...

EmiliePope EmiliePope Mar 15
Guys, Can someone tell me where I Can Buy A Charles? I Need one in my life
I name the first one Steve, the second one Tony, and the third Stony
megamoira megamoira Mar 27
It's actually super weird seeing my first name in Stories and movies
I doubt a prostitute like Kat would offer one night for just $100....
Oh My GOD!!!!!!! There's a superhero named Copy-kat who dated Deadpool!!!!!!
tatumblack123 tatumblack123 Jun 28, 2016
When you have a pun that needed to be released into the world and was executed beautifully