Not Like The Others

Not Like The Others

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carliebieber1201 By carliebieber1201 Updated Dec 31, 2015

WARNING- incredibly cute and cuddly version of Justin.

Imagine living in a world where aliens and humans live together in perfect harmony. That's how it is for Victoria in the year 2050.  Victoria is the typical teenage girl, with good friends, but she has no parents. The human and alien race didn't always live the way they do now, there was a war between them 5 years ago, in 2045. Victoria's parents fought in that war, against the aliens, so Victoria has always been taught to fear them, because they are not like us. Everything is normal until she stumbles across a hurt, scared, and vulnerable alien named Justin. Will she choose to help him? Or will she continue to follow the life she's been living before?

Victoria: Ariana Grande
Justin: as himself
Selena: as herself

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All y'all hype but soon as y'all see an alien y'all be ready to haul ass on dem fuckers and get to shootin
JDBxPanda JDBxPanda Jan 07
AHHHHHHHHH STOP 😢😢 MY HEART   💔💔............. but wait... I don't  have one😐. BUT IT HURTS 😢😢
erikialuv erikialuv Mar 03, 2016
Im late but did anyone else think of one of his vines when hes on the bridge and all he says is "o-key". I hope that made since😂
JellyBellyMia JellyBellyMia Apr 29, 2015
This is the first story where the girl is actually nice to him
-baby-doll- -baby-doll- Mar 13, 2015
I have to agree on the "touchy" person I'm just like her on part