In The Arms Of Danger [Sequel to Make You Mine]

In The Arms Of Danger [Sequel to Make You Mine]

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"Ava look at me," 

This time the way he says it isn't threatening or filled with malice. He wants to tell me something so I turn my head to face him.  

"You deserve the world, Mrs. Hunt. You know I can give you that and so much more," 

My heart skips a beat when he reveals shining, white teeth. His words, along with his smoldering eyes give me chills. 

"You know that, right?" 

His malachite eyes roam mine while my throat becomes dry. He's dissecting me while my thoughts race. What am I doing? Was this part of my plan? Can I really lead him on? 

I jump when I feel his electrifying touch on my chin. 

"And you also know that I'll always get what I want. That includes when I want it, and how I want it." 
He licks his lips emphasizing the word 'how'. I know Ian Hunt, and I know that tonight was a sacrifice for him. His motto is pain before pleasure, and my pain is his pleasure.  But tonight was different. Something tells me that this will be the first and last time I'll receive enjoyment from it.  

I groan when he squeezes my chin painfully, forcing me to nod my head.

"Glad you understand, now let's sleep." 

I lay down rigidly, too afraid to move. And just like he made me feel safe earlier, he's making me feel frightened now. His hands are tightly wrapped around me as we lay tangled in the sheets. As I lay in the arms of Danger.


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Mafia_Kitten Mafia_Kitten May 20, 2016
He's never once acknowledge the lil bundle of joy in her arms
simplyjess- simplyjess- Jan 02, 2016
Aahhh I know you shouldn't wish people to die but I wished that Ava killed Ian!!!! This is just so frustrating I wish he would just leave her alone.
rholee2012 rholee2012 Feb 03, 2015
well since she is planning for her own revenge she must tell her parents what she's planning ,to make sure for they own safety
wonderfulcurse wonderfulcurse Sep 22, 2014
@Elegant_Imani thank you for telling :D the books are great :)
NKSamrose NKSamrose Sep 22, 2014
@remember_me_always between October 15th-  December 1st at the latest. I'll try to have chapter one posted by October 15th.
LittlePaperPlane_ LittlePaperPlane_ Sep 21, 2014
GAH I love these books, I cried in a car dull of my family earlier cuz Dana died and such ;_; this book....
                              I had to go on tho.