Model life // divergent [DISCONTINUED]

Model life // divergent [DISCONTINUED]

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elle; By devarrow Completed

❝I want to be normal,
                             not just Tris Prior the model.❞


NOTE: this story is, and always will be, discontinued. If you would like to read it and get cut of in the middle, go ahead. I did warn you.

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A_Peron_72 A_Peron_72 Jul 11, 2015
I am starting to understand more of my question but still have one. Is California supposed to be Chicago, 'cause no town in the U.S.A. us much better than Chicago.
A_Peron_72 A_Peron_72 Jul 11, 2015
Question. Is she living in Chicago and moving to California, or living not in Chicago, if that makes any science, and moving to California? Who would force someone to leave Chicago, Chicago is bæ town. Also has a lot of Chevy's. I AM FROM BÆ TOWN...BEAT CITY IN ILLINOIS!!!!!
A_Peron_72 A_Peron_72 Jul 11, 2015
yeah Chucks(Converse original name is Chuck Taylors, Chucks for short)!!!!! High tops or Low tops is the real question???
DivergentfourLife03 DivergentfourLife03 May 25, 2015
Me: Hey cook what's your name
                              Cook: My name is Jeff
                              Me: That joke's so stupid and old
                              Cook: Well sorry if you don't like my name!
                              HE HAS NO HEAD
                              HE HAS NO LEGS
                              HIS NAME IS JEFF