To Be Honest

To Be Honest

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"I'm not attracted to you at all, to be honest.''
''And I don't really believe that's true, to be honest.''
Ellie Hepburn wasn't really candid to herself recently. She pretended to be happy and to live a fantastic life, but that was just an illusion.
In reality: her life sucked at the moment. Big time.
Her parents were in the middle of getting divorced, she didn't really enjoy hearing her best friend and her boyfriend dancing the ''passionate flamenco'' together in a toilet cabin, and she certainly didn't adore her ex-childhood friend- who was now her personal nemesis-, Aidan Knight, annoying the bloody rest out of her.
But what happened when she was forced to work together with him in the organisation team for the upcoming school festival and they have to spend, uhm, almost everyday together?
Everything seemed to change, Aidan was becoming cockier and cockier (unfortunately also hotter and hotter) each day, and teenage hormones were swirling around in the air like snowflakes on a winter day.
Of course, she would never be interested in someone like Aidan. 

Then again, Ellie Hepburn wasn't really candid to herself recently.

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verasia verasia Feb 19
Tori-G Tori-G Mar 18, 2016
She didn't confront them?! I mean I hate confrontation so much, but even I would do that! I hope she grows by the end of the story.
LaurrrenScott LaurrrenScott Jul 10, 2016
                              THORNS ARE PRICKLY,
                              IF YOU ASK ME,
                              THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY.
nikkijanel nikkijanel Jul 14, 2015
Gosh I hate when guys have the ability to make you not hate them, even when they did such horrible things.
nikkijanel nikkijanel Jul 14, 2015
This is the best first chapter I have ever read. Just found your story and knew I would like it.