Surviving My Senior Year

Surviving My Senior Year

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She's the girl none gives a second glace to when they pass in the hallways, Chloe Miller she's a wallflower and honestly she likes it. Its her last year of school and she couldn't be happier to leave this place. She plans to spend her last year playing by the rules and staying out of the picture but of course that won't happen.

Meet Blake, he's new to the school but instantly gets noticed for his looks, he has girls falling at his feet but the only girl he wants is the shy wallflower. After a funny incident they make a bucket-list together full of things Chloe would never dream of doing.

Thinking that Chloe's senior year would be just getting out of her comfort zone and doing new things she's sadly mistaken. Breaking the law, Sneaking out, Falling in-love and most of all getting involved with people she didn't even know existed. 

All she knows is this year is going to be one hell of a ride

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Physco_Insane Physco_Insane Dec 26, 2017
The resemblance that I have with Chloe is so freaky, and it doesn’t help that im called Chloe aswell
fbxbg104 fbxbg104 Jul 11, 2017
Why do I love her? Oh bcuz of her sarcasm. Wait not just that ALL of herrr❤😍
In tx when your using shapes is geometry and when is just numbers that's algebra
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Aug 02, 2016
If she just called my aunt a loser then she is going doooowwwwnnnn!!! 😈😈😈🗡🔪🔫
Marrrrrra Marrrrrra Aug 13, 2016
Has no one figured out who she is going to dinner with? Its painfully obvious.
awezomnezz awezomnezz Jul 11, 2016
OMG I would like die to have violet eyes... they sound sooo cool 💜💜💜