Always & Forever [Completed]

Always & Forever [Completed]

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Saloni Hasija By salonithewriter Completed

Book one in Forever' Series

Ariana & Ryan, the best friends forever. 
Their friendship set examples for many.
Their life was perfectly blended with each other.
Can a boy and a girl be only friends?
No...??? Yes they can.
But.... Life had decided something better for them. 
They fell for each other and they fell harder.

But this love took a twisted turn in their lives.

They were together since their childhood but
when all of sudden a storm occurred, they fell apart.

The storm turned Ryan into an Arrogant Person and took away all the innocence of Ariana.
They craved for each other but resisted themselves.

Let's have a tour of their friendship, their love and their life.

You are going to love them and relate yourselves with them.

It's a cute love story and a must read.❤️


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