[EDITING] You're So Cold; Oh Sehun [EXO - Sehun Fan Fiction]

[EDITING] You're So Cold; Oh Sehun [EXO - Sehun Fan Fiction]

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Chloe|Xiumin's Wife|Semi Hiatus By Chloe_MinHunHan Updated Jun 22

Cover made by: @SquishyPrince

Park Saeyoung is a girl with attitude and has charms that your typical girl wouldn't have. Sehun, on the other hand, is a completely cold and unemotional person.

The two come to meet when Saeyoung's best friend, Suho, or Kim Jun-Myeon, introduces her to his group of friends. Upon meeting them, Saeyoung gets along with all of them - except one; it's him, Oh Sehun. He consistently ignores her and when he does talk to her all he mutters are rude remarks.

However, there is a reason for Sehun's cold personality. This is because Sehun is tramautised by his past relationship, which consequently makes him cold to girls after suffering a painful heartbreak. Therefore, Saeyoung isn't an exception. However, that quickly changes when Sehun spends more time with her and realises his change in feelings towards her.

Will something blossom between the two who clashed from the very beginning?


Started 27/08/14 
Status: On Going

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yitaemin- yitaemin- Dec 27, 2015
I got come sporty clothes on the way to my crib reading this made me impatient I want my clothes cries
annimran annimran Oct 10, 2015
Sehun: Luhan...let's break up...I like     
                              someone else
                              Luhan: Okay!!  I like someone else too..