Fan fic of For Hating Me You Are Sure Possesive - Logans POV

Fan fic of For Hating Me You Are Sure Possesive - Logans POV

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retrorabbit2010 By retrorabbit2010 Updated Dec 21, 2012

My interpretation of 'For Hating Me You Sure Are Possesive' by JadedRein

Hi everyone this is my first attempt at writing, please don't judge me too harshly. I am in love with the original book by JadedRein and always had my own ideas of how Logan was thinking and how he reacted to the situations that were written in Kara's point of view. So this is a fan fiction in Logan's view. I have kept the original dialect from the JadedRein story, it's just Logan's take on events. Hope you like it.

Chapter One - First Impressions

The door swung open as my brother began to bring his crap in from the car. Today he was moving in with me and from the smile on his face he was clearly happy about the prospect. I leaned back down to do the line in front of me when I noticed a red head in the corner staring.

"Hey Logan." Maver hollered as he acknowledged me from across the room, box in hand. Still the red head said nothing but slowly began to blush as she noticed me looking at her. She's kind of cu...

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ILoveSheriffsBoy3 ILoveSheriffsBoy3 Apr 28, 2017
Not trying to be mean but did you get permission from the author to do this. It seems really good too by the way xx
TheOtherImpossibleMe TheOtherImpossibleMe Sep 21, 2013
Who's the guy in the cover? That's is definitely not Logan :D
xSweetxGirl97 xSweetxGirl97 Feb 22, 2013
This is definitely Logan's P.O.V. Keep going, you're a fantastic writer!  :)
retrorabbit2010 retrorabbit2010 Feb 10, 2013
@Hespera_Dusk I plan on doing the whole book however at the min im spending as much time with my mum who has terminal cancer hope to update in march probably xxx
Hespera_Dusk Hespera_Dusk Feb 09, 2013
Hey.. Is this all or you're gonna write more?? BTW loved it... X
nene27 nene27 Jan 19, 2013
Told everyone i know how great ur writing is and how much i love this story . Soooo Looking forward to more xx