Haikyuu!!! (One-shot compilations)

Haikyuu!!! (One-shot compilations)

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Nijimura's waifu❤️ By AyaseChiharu Updated Feb 19, 2015

Okay, so lately, i've been hooked up to this anime....

Err. Why are they so HOT?

Having this on my thought, i had decided to make them hotter in my one shots:)

Since, my inspiration is Sugawara koushi, i think i will be bias and focus on him<3


Lemons? Of course there will be lemons!!!!

Im a big LEMON!!!!

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iyred1sm iyred1sm Jun 12, 2017
It Somehow Reminded Me Of Kae Serinuma From "Kiss Him Not Me"
- - Oct 26, 2017
Surgery can change your face
                              But surgery cannot change your attitude
QiQi-chan QiQi-chan Jun 21, 2017
At least I'm not a bitch like you *drops mic*
                              Ps : sorry if I offended you
QiQi-chan QiQi-chan Jun 21, 2017
Uh please bitch, your English is worser than I thought, learn your English before talking to me(uh don't mind me but this is for the girl classmate for bullying me not the author)
triple_aGENT triple_aGENT Jun 27, 2017
How is this not kiss him not me without other characters missing
Amy_Lavette Amy_Lavette Jan 20
Pfft, I'd throw her to the ground before THAT could ever happen...