Haikyuu!!! (One-shot compilations)

Haikyuu!!! (One-shot compilations)

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Nijimura's waifu❤️ By AyaseChiharu Updated Feb 19, 2015

Okay, so lately, i've been hooked up to this anime....

Err. Why are they so HOT?

Having this on my thought, i had decided to make them hotter in my one shots:)

Since, my inspiration is Sugawara koushi, i think i will be bias and focus on him<3


Lemons? Of course there will be lemons!!!!

Im a big LEMON!!!!

I find chubby people adorable so I play with their squishy body =w=
If I'm whale girl then, bitches better run ima flop over your fake little asses
Reminds me of the book Blubber.
                              However I'm severely underweight, a 13 year old 68 pounds... And super short, so... It's either you're too skinny or too fat. Choose people!
Is it bad that I like the name piggy-san, it sounds cute idk y
Who da Fuk you calling whale girl? You little piece of whale shiz
I've actually been bullied because of my weight..... But now I just call it my fat lumps plus I think its really mean when you call someone fat...... They just have a unique shape....