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Haikyuu!!! (One-shot compilations)

Haikyuu!!! (One-shot compilations)

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Nijimura's waifu❤️ By AyaseChiharu Updated Feb 19, 2015

Okay, so lately, i've been hooked up to this anime....

Err. Why are they so HOT?

Having this on my thought, i had decided to make them hotter in my one shots:)

Since, my inspiration is Sugawara koushi, i think i will be bias and focus on him<3

Lemons? Of course there will be lemons!!!!

Im a big LEMON!!!!

ChadiaRobinson ChadiaRobinson Nov 13, 2016
I find chubby people adorable so I play with their squishy body =w=
whyamIsodead whyamIsodead Jun 20, 2016
If I'm whale girl then, bitches better run ima flop over your fake little asses
animeconquerer animeconquerer Jul 31, 2016
Reminds me of the book Blubber.
                              However I'm severely underweight, a 13 year old 68 pounds... And super short, so... It's either you're too skinny or too fat. Choose people!
whyamIsodead whyamIsodead Jun 20, 2016
Is it bad that I like the name piggy-san, it sounds cute idk y
I thought they had chocolate gummy dildos in their mouths at the beginning 😂😂😂
Ultimate-Winner Ultimate-Winner Sep 27, 2016
Who da Fuk you calling whale girl? You little piece of whale shiz