Rooming with a Sex God

Rooming with a Sex God

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ughspence By ughspence Updated Sep 22, 2014

Estha Paige is an outgoing girl with no worries or cares, she walks around the house in her undergarments and strolls from her bedroom to the bathroom strip naked. She doesn't care about being judged, because she is confident in herself. 

When she reaches the age of moving out, she has no choice but to find her own place as her parents kick her out of the house. She searches and searches and searches, then she finally finds the perfect house that came with the perfect price. She gets a look at the house and loves it immediately, deciding that the house is the right one for her.

But when she officially moves into the house, she gets a big shock. As she wakes up the next morning after her first night in the house, she trots around in her matching lace bra and undies, only to come in contact with a shirtless hunk of hotness in the kitchen.

Will Estha redeem her money and look for another house? 

Or will she stay and put up with whatever he dishes to her? Metaphorically.

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- - Dec 30, 2016
Ah LUCKY my parents would have tried to keep me ! 
                              And I would have have to work my ass off to find and get a house