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Bite Me (boyxboy)

Bite Me (boyxboy)

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❤ By Boo_Bear_Louis Updated Feb 21, 2016

A snarled ripped through Jason's chest as he pushed me harshly up against the metal lockers, a small whimper left my lips but I just laughed weakly, nevertheless. " Say it Patty. Say it's me you like, not that stupid prick." He spat angrily, fisting my gamer shirt, my favourite shirt actually. Even though I knew he was purposely trying to hurt me but I couldn't help but get lost in his forest green eyes. I could have said that I liked him and not the new kid, Joe. But what would be the fun in that? " Bite me." I spat back.


Patty Mcdonald was a geek. Not a nerd. He played all the video games, went to the conventions and wore all of the novelty shirts. And on top of all that, he was gay. Not the best sexuality choice in a small town where everyone knows everyone and most of the town is religious. Jason Davis was a jock. Not a big air headed jock. He had it all; the girls, the looks, the brains and the friends. But what happens when Patty finds out his little secret?

really love nutella and think it would be a priority for the heart.
kaebaeox kaebaeox Mar 04
she looks so perfect standing there in my american apparel underwear, sorry i'm 5sos trash
Bored_Rocky Bored_Rocky Jun 28, 2016
OMG I have the same problem at my school there all really cute but there all fückboys
When you just watched The Founder and read the word McDonald and want to kill someone.
k-bestie k-bestie Jun 10, 2016
Oh see now if I was on my period you wouldn't be standing there yall would be across the room hiding in the corner cause I get pissed on my period
2bWanted 2bWanted Feb 24
... like cats and you are crazy. We must be made for each other ;)