The Hidden Curse (Under Reconstruction)

The Hidden Curse (Under Reconstruction)

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AlmightyBookTamer By AlmightyBookTamer Updated Jul 22, 2020

In a city full of magical creatures, it's hard being the only human especially when a dangerous group of werewolves is threatening the supernatural's very existence. Katlyn, a 14 year old girl, faces this very threat, but will she be able to protect the people she's grown to know? Without powers or even the smallest amount of magic, how could she even protect herself? 

Eventually, Katlyn gains the opportunity to be able to fight back due to a known, yet hidden curse. Unfortunately, this leads to some disturbing things about her past to be unearthed, and she finds out that what she once thought was an accident, was actually intentional. 

All it takes is a single innocent school dance to start things rolling. 

If you read this book, I suggest reading Mates at First Sight by PromiseMeAWin since both of our stories take place in the same world and are connected!

Note: All things in this book (unless It's a song or I give credit) are mine, so please don't steal anything!