School of Elements [Discontinued]

School of Elements [Discontinued]

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ⓝⓘⓒⓞⓛⓔ By SwordmasterNicole Completed

❝With the Sky above me
And the Earth below me.
As the Fire burns within me
There is only Water to save me.❞

Devin, AJ, Emily, and Spencer all come from different backgrounds before arriving at Gresuwichs, an all-girls elemental academy situated in the heart of New Rift, a city founded by the brave of heart and later twisted by the ambitions of sinister individuals.

With each girl comes a different story.

In uptown New Rift lives a nobleman's daughter, pampered from birth and unbearably shallow, she lives her life in extreme luxury.

On the streets of downtown New Rift, there lives a street-wise girl, hardened by the cruel reality she lives in.

Nested in a small water village, there lives a girl who's destined to become a young bride and bare children in the name of clan preservation.

And above it all, in the secluded mountains of New Rift, there lives a tragically beautiful girl with eyes of the purest cobalt.


In this crazy world, who is strong enough to take control of their destiny?

Without further ado, I welcome you to Gresuwichs, the school of elements.


Highest Rank: #80 in Fantasy

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Gryffindor_Dragon Gryffindor_Dragon Oct 29, 2017
I love that tea cups are mandatory but a writing utensil is optional 😂😂
oliviab02 oliviab02 Oct 04, 2017
omg i’m legit fangirling on this book and i haven’t even gotten past page one!!! if i’m reading correctly i see foreshadowing to a secret looove:)))))) i am so excited to read this book! -lots of love, me lol, 
                              P.S u prolly don’t kno me but it would be great to be friends!
CandiK03 CandiK03 Apr 07, 2017
I've been searching for Elemental stories to read Cz I love them so much and I've pretty much read all the other good one and I saw this and thought it's a great book just by reading the intro and synopsis!!!!
                              I'm so happy I finally found one that I can read !!!!!!
DanaMadison DanaMadison May 18, 2016
I love this, Miss Nicole. 
                              It seems interesting so far, and I shall (yes, I just said shall. Why does everyone make fun of me for it? *pouts*) continue reading this! :P
_Blue_Power_ _Blue_Power_ Feb 28, 2017
What about:
                              Air around me
                              Earth below me 
                              Fire within me
                              Water to cool me
Kniteude Kniteude Feb 26, 2017
New books are usually the best, l am and I know that I will enjoy your story.