~Homestuck Seven Minutes In Heaven (Various! X Reader)~

~Homestuck Seven Minutes In Heaven (Various! X Reader)~

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Your name is (y/n) (l/n) and you, my fine friend, are being pulled to a party. Whom are you being pulled by to who's party? Well, by none other than me, Xena, to only the coolest kid on the block's house! Dave Strider, duh! He always threw the sickest parties (and fire). That bro is hella lit. 

Wait, hold the phone! Why exactly are you being forced into clothing to attend this party, you may ask? Who the hell /doesn't/ like parties!? You're no nerd (OK maybe you are <3)! But, who wouldn't take up on the opportunity to play scandalous games such as Seven Minutes in Heaven! Especially when you know that special someone you've been pining after is gonna be there. Who knows, your normal night might actually end in something saucy happening ;^). 

(Updated Info Box: February 24th, 2017)
Have fun with reading this book (which I admit, is pretty cliche. I wrote this 2 years ago, hush). 

And thank you for 100k reads! <3 

((Various!Homestuck X Reader))

Au... How about I just go by the name I use on the internet... Em.
Black jeans.
                              Black hoodie.
                              Black converse.
                              :/ Are we going to a funeral?
                              thats a mouthful eridan are you sure you can take it
-walks over to Xena and hits her- BISH HES NOT FULLY A FISH BISH! I'm a rhyme because I do it all da time
Wspomnienie Wspomnienie Aug 11
If I only could I would probably teleport you to Happy Tree Friend universe, give you camera, leave you for couple of weeks and watch patiently your EVERY death :)
CatOnYourBed CatOnYourBed Nov 30, 2016
Im bigender so ill stand in the doorway btwn the guys and girls