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The Autistic Boy (Lashton AU)

The Autistic Boy (Lashton AU)

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Sweet Creature By Goodness-Gracious Completed

Luke Hemmings, seventeen years old, diagnosed with a form of very rare autism, known as Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. But just because his disorder has the word childhood in it, doesn't mean it goes away with age, Luke will have this disorder forever. Sure medication can help, but it will always be obvious that something is wrong with him. He doesn't have any friends, but he isn't bullied either, just no one wants to be friends with the autistic boy. Luke also has an extemely high IQ of 156, so he is considered gifted and talented.

But when a new boy named Ashton comes to his school, and is seated next to him in art class, Ashton finds he has a strange liking for this boy that never talks, never looks up, and draws slower than everyone else.

LarryHazStyleSon LarryHazStyleSon Mar 14, 2016
I know a few people with down syndrome and I love them, they always brighten up my day. People who are autistic are some of my favorite people because they are so sweet and caring, even if they aren't doing so great.
JacksonParker_ JacksonParker_ Apr 28, 2016
This reminds me of my twin. He had an iq of 145 but he got bullied very badly for being a 'nerd' and different so he overdosed two years ago. 😞
omgsing13 omgsing13 Feb 26, 2016
My little brother has autism which makes it very hard for him to talk or learn but he has an amazing memory.  One time he drew a keyboard and put all of the letters on the right keys without looking at one.
kkittencliffordd kkittencliffordd Jan 28, 2016
so this disorder is basically where people who have it are very slow with learning? please correct me if i'm wrong ..
rallour5sosvamp rallour5sosvamp Dec 07, 2015
So many autistic people are smart it's actually not even unrealistic or funny
-seriouslykidding -seriouslykidding Sep 25, 2015
My older brother has autism, I wonder what he'd be like if he didn't.