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Fun Size [Jastin]

Fun Size [Jastin]

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LaceUpBieber By LaceUpBieber Completed

Justin Bieber transfers schools to be in the basketball team, he has to move away from his parents & moves into the McCann's house. Justin is short & people love to tease him about his height, Jason doesn't like Justin but will that all change?

Bizzlemychizzle Bizzlemychizzle Sep 19, 2016
Well then🤔 but its funny😂 get me a gay friend that's a replica of Justin thanks😘😂
chubstin chubstin Apr 05, 2016
oh god when i was like 12 i used to wear one of those "i'm not short, i'm fun sized" tops-____- i hate myself lmao
laurendanielle420 laurendanielle420 Nov 23, 2015
He calls him that, because he wants to have fun with him. (maybe not really, but it sounds good.)
chieyere_01 chieyere_01 Sep 02, 2015
im like hi hey hello...seen ya pretty ass soon as you came thru thendoor
_naetive_ _naetive_ May 11, 2015
"Gays, lesbians, ....... Asians" I'm doner than a burnt turkey on thanksgiving