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sky By skylereliaa Updated Aug 30

"Your not like other girls are you?" He asked looking at me up and down.

"Depends. What are the other girls like?" My voice croaked.

"Dangerous. Fiesty." He breathed onto my neck.

"What do you want from me?"

He hesitated for a minute. "Oh c'mon. Doesn't every good girl like a bad boy?"

"What do you want." I sternly asked.

"Your love." He had said

Uglypotato_ Uglypotato_ Jun 24
Wtf Ryder Daniel is the guy in the other book I am reading..... Wtf!?
MajestyNy MajestyNy Sep 02
Ryder Daniel is the guy from that episode of Victorious where she sings about him using her for a good grade it's called begging on your knees
Good girl always changes the dad boys or maybe the other way around
I'd say same to all of y'all but I read down and realized i don't have friends so that'd be a lie
The awkward moment when you have the same name as the character 😜
maryah9 maryah9 Jun 24
Please continue writing! Don't stop! I haven't read your other story but this one is really good and you should keep going! :)