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Anonymous || n.h

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Who said twitter couldn't save lives?

               A Niall Horan fanfiction. 

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it's really awkward when your dad walks in on you trying to do so, he made me go to the hospital and i spent a LONG 27 days in there, it's been almost 2 years since then, and i feel absolutely no different 🙃
wintercn wintercn Jul 26
same jfc. it's an anti depressant and anti anxiety, and i also take something for my bipolar disorder
ellouuu29 ellouuu29 Aug 14
Girl u were born for a reason dont try to kill yourself ! Thats for all the people who try suicide!
It's the most beautiful name you will hear in your entire life trust me
bella220607 bella220607 2 days ago
Can anyone be my twitter bestie I only have minecraft besties which are younger than me most of the times Im 16 and most of my minecraft friends are 12 14 ir 18
everyone in the comments saying little did she know and i started singing pas de cheval smh