From Rags to Riches (Interracial) Complete

From Rags to Riches (Interracial) Complete

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● Erica Peterson ●

"For God sakes leave me alone! All you do is constant argue over petty things. I'm 24 years old still fucking struggling and all you do is lay up all day, every day, collecting disability checks." I said. I'm beyond frustrated with my mother. She always given me hell. All she ever thinks about is money! I'm sick of it! I'm sick of her! I'm just sick!

"Who do your fat ass think you talking to? I brought you in this world and I can damn well take you out." My mama yelled getting in my face. This is an everyday thing with the both of us. I'm tried of being her foot stool. I can't wait to leave this house. I had an apartment, but I moved in with my mom to help her out since my dad is in jail. But that's a later story. 

"I don't have time to argue with you tonight. I have to work a double and your waisting my time." I said irritated with her presence. I grabbed my keys and walked out. 

I'm sorry for being rude. My name is Erica Peterson, I'm 24 years old, and a waitre...

iam_nae_ iam_nae_ Feb 02
My mom has never said that to me before, but people don’t realize how toxic that line is.
islamichunty islamichunty Sep 08, 2016
Is It Bad my mom has never said this, she be like "You can move in with ya grandmom, she not gone take care of you like I do."  If only she knew..... - looks around make sure she Aint here me-
Fruitsey Fruitsey Mar 22, 2016
This Is My 5th Time Reading This Book 😄 Your Books Never Gets Old .... I Can't Find no Other Good Books lol .
ilovecock6969 ilovecock6969 Aug 09, 2016
but guess what, I ain't ask you to bring me into the world ! #howtoughamiblackedition
ArshaWill ArshaWill Aug 06, 2015
omg my mom always say this to me as a kid lol this is spo true
ThaBihZar ThaBihZar Sep 27 was the male in the relationship who brought the baby into the world because without the cum she would never have been formed.