Falling In LOve With My Soon To Be Step Brother

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Niamh By Riot-ChiCk Updated 5 years ago
After Sophies dad died of a car crash Sophie and her mother find life hard, when Sophies mother finds Nicks dad there life changes, then sophie finds herself falling in love with Nick... What will happen will nick put his popularity in danger to be with sophie or will he ignore his true feelings. This story is about the love of two teens who come from completely different worlds, one is rich and popular and the other is finding life hard and only has two friends will there relationship last?
I love ur book and don't listen to all the haters ur story rox!!!!! 
i love ur book don't listen to all the haters they need to get over there selfs and in joy ur great book! PLZ UPDATE SOON!
People need to STFU about spelling errors this book is awesome!!!! Just by reading the first chap I know this book is gonna give me feels ahhhhhhhhh I can't wait to read the next chapters
@skywalkeranch  everyone mis spells things your post wasn't perfect either so before you go pointing out others mistakes look at your own....i think this is the best book I have read
It would be nice if you would properly spell, and use correct grammar. A little capitalization never hurt anybody.
I could actually get through it, If there wasn't so many errors. But it sounded really good