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The Iron Captain

The Iron Captain

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You know who I am By GeoffrytheButtler Completed

Steve took his head away from Tony's metal hand, the cold no longer affecting his heated face. "You don't get it do you? I can't tell you what I need to tell you!" he yelled, becoming more and more frustrated with himself. He got up from his spot on the edge of the building and moved towards the door to the stairs. He wanted to clear his head, and Tony being there wasn't helping. The other man quickly got up and blocked his path. "Move out of my way Tony." Steve growled, glaring at the iron man. The brunette smiled and crossed his arms across his chest. "Make me."

 And so, he did.

apileoftrashwriter apileoftrashwriter Mar 09, 2016
Ever since Johnny  Storm and Fantastic Four I have been in love
justshipalready justshipalready Jun 15, 2013
Please, I beg you and the Gods to add on to the story. My heart cannot take this.
GeoffrytheButtler GeoffrytheButtler Apr 10, 2013
@MyMiracle05 I'm not sure I understand what you mean... Are you talking about the fact that they are about to kiss? If that's it, I direct you to the title. Otherwise... what?
Eyafaye Eyafaye Apr 10, 2013
im not going to be mean but just asking xD why is the cover photo like that 0_0
mysouloflead mysouloflead Mar 18, 2013
I was just stalking you when I realized I NEVER voted for these chapters!!!! WTF is wrong with me! Urgh, I guess I have to reread *sarcastic sigh* and vote for them :)
Vsdninja Vsdninja Feb 27, 2013
@chloereadsalot try something new everyonce in awhile. Domt be so closed minded about things. I think its a good idea in fact, but not a traditional ome.