Death The Grimm [Soul Eater Fan-fiction]

Death The Grimm [Soul Eater Fan-fiction]

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Death the kid has been told he has a sister but he didn't believe it but after his father told him she's attending the school he gets mad and despises his sister that he never knew existed. 

Grimm knew about her brother Kid but thinks is an idiot who is obsessed with things being symmetrical all the time. So she attends DWMA ( Death Weapon Meister Academy) with her weapon Eli Black by her side and he also transforms into a samurai sword. 

While the others: Maka, Soul, Black Star, Tsubaki, Patty, Liz and Crona; process the new member to there group who seems to be more powerful than them. They have to come to there senses when a powerful evil comes to there school to destroy them all. 

This is fake not true at all, I have seen soul eater before and I thought of this before so here it is and some of you wonder why there's two m's instead of one m in Grimm which I do not care this is just fake nothing happened from the season. I hope you anime lovers love it and others too.

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Your spelling assymetrical!!!!!!!!.... To Grammar Nazis. In a good way, the correct spelling is Kishin... Sp? Now I'm confused!
Snazzy_Zebra Snazzy_Zebra Oct 31, 2016
After reading that over I was thinking of Kesha, and how are followers could be caulks keshians. Lol
muffinsempai muffinsempai Dec 08, 2015
Yeah, its keshin egg. It was inn the first episode that they explained it.
shy_little_shipper shy_little_shipper May 06, 2015
In the way that you used the word it would be, "Hmm he must be my brother no wonder he likes *symmetry*.