The Beta & His Twin Mates

The Beta & His Twin Mates

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Kenz By PrinceKenzie Completed

Second book in The Black Forest series

Tommy Black is the twenty-one-year-old Beta of the Black Forest Pack. The only ones who he could truly let loose and be himself around were his two best friends. The Alpha's human twins, Emery and Emerson Knight. What will he do when they come back a few years after they've left for university and turn out to be his mate? Both of them?

Emery and Emerson Knight are the twenty-three year old sons of the famous Alphas Aiden and Benjamin of the Black Forest Pack. Even though they weren't their sons biologically, they were treated as royalty during their high school years. Yet all they wanted to do is hang out with true friends. Not those wanting to get close to the Alphas' family. That's why they always hung out with their childhood best friend Tommy. When they come back home from university and hear him growl "mate" in both their direction, they are overjoyed.

These twins are going to get this gentle giant out of his deep shell, into the real world and into their bed no matter what.

Cover by: @peakybooo

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HelloClaire HelloClaire May 24, 2017
ghost_busting_bitch ghost_busting_bitch Oct 08, 2017
There's blood coming out of my nose from just thinking about the way this book is going to turn out. ITS A GOOD THING THOUGH!
quackquack6262 quackquack6262 Aug 26, 2017
I have a question? Where do I find the first book to the Black Forest series
CgKaterin CgKaterin Aug 19, 2017
I'm not usually into threesomes but..... I'm looking forward to seeing this story development.....
MrenaeSmiles MrenaeSmiles May 02, 2017
*sniffs* I smell incest... 
                              AND I NEED MORE! *sniffs out incest* "MINE!"🙉🙈🙉
Zachsilver26 Zachsilver26 Sep 25, 2017
I knew that the last story of this book would end like this hahahahah