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Chasing Dreams (A Harry Potter Marauder fanfiction)

Chasing Dreams (A Harry Potter Marauder fanfiction)

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blueskies-fireflies By blueskies-fireflies Updated Apr 04, 2016

Harry walked slowly from the room, hidden beneath his invisibility cloak. He could see the snow on the window, and hear carols singers outside. Madam Rosmerta was still talking to McGonagal and Fudge, with Hagrid listening behind the door. He wiped the falling tears from his face, sighing. Just before he left, he heard Professor McGonagal's voice. "And Skye Turner. Never one without the other, by the middle of sixth year. Of course, we don't talk about her anymore. But she was the only girl lucky enough to get close with them. Why, she was their best friend." Interesting, Harry though to himself. I wonder.. 

Skye is beautiful, flirty, funny, and full of life. It's no wonder she's best friends with the famous Marauders. But what happens when Sirius starts to pick up on things other boys have known since first year? Can he see his best friend as more than a friend? Or, more importantly, can Skye see him like that?

-Free_Elf- -Free_Elf- Nov 26, 2016
Is it just me or does baby Remmy look like a young Newt from Maze Runner?
LouiseMCollins LouiseMCollins Feb 04, 2016
I love both the cover page and this intro, it seems so sad yet beautiful. I have a fear of growing up and it just kinda pulls these stories together for me. It sounds weird but after crying in a book, it becomes one of your favourites
_Liwia_ _Liwia_ Feb 09, 2016
I just finished your other Marauder Story and now I'm starting this, I'm so excited:3
ashleyh611 ashleyh611 Mar 01
It's really great I loved your other story and this one I know will be great
Loulou110903 Loulou110903 Mar 23, 2015
I've only read 1 chapter and I'm already intruiged!! Well done
hp_thg_fanflix hp_thg_fanflix Nov 23, 2014
That's beautiful and haunting and weird and amazing and creepy and just *shudders*