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Surreptitious; Teen Wolf [1]

Surreptitious; Teen Wolf [1]

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Tory By -requiem Updated Feb 13

 ❝All I really want
  is you.❞
  Clea Forest liked to think she was a positive person. She liked to think she was the one person people turned to in a dire situation for a sort of reassurance. Honestly, in comparison to a lot of people (note: her best friend, Lydia Martin), she was like a ray of sunshine or a silver lining or any other cliché. 
  Things in Clea's life aren't too bad. She has good grades, lots of friends, and she wasn't entirely unfortunate looking. There was only one aspect of her social fluidity that always troubled her: her complete and utter lack of talent when talking to her long-term crush, Stiles Stilinski.
  As sophomore year approached, Clea realised that her window was closing - and it was already one of those tiny ones you see in restaurant bathrooms with the foggy glass. If she wanted to be with Stiles (and she really, really did) then she would have to move quickly, before he tried to make the moves on Lydia or someone tried to make the moves on him.
  She didn't plan on getting caught up in the recent string of murders in the town. She didn't plan on being taught how to fire a gun. She didn't plan on pushing herself into a world of the supernatural.
  And yet she ended up doing it anyway.
[Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Wolf. I only own Clea and her original plot lines. All rights go to the producers of Teen Wolf. This is made purely for my own enjoyment and is entirely non-profit.]

Like low key I like school bc then I can stare at the sub par amount of hot guys at my school
I'm sorry what?!!!! Did you just say the ship sailed bc hells yes!!
bellerose12 bellerose12 Aug 27, 2016
okay can I just say I've literally read this so many times it's one of my favorite stiles fan fictions on this platform. it's just so simple, and sweet, and so perfectly season one and maybe it's nostalgia but this book just makes me so HAPPY
let-me-eat let-me-eat Oct 29, 2016
What i find funny is that none of us know what Greenberg looks like 😂😂 yet we all make him sound like hes our worst enemy
tomshoIIand tomshoIIand Sep 15, 2016
my glasses look like that too but i wear contacts just in fear if that happened
-requiem -requiem Sep 16, 2014
@Mixer_Directioner_2 I know right Taylor's one of my favourite people ever