Billionaire's Indian Bride.

Billionaire's Indian Bride.

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He had pinned her between the wall and his lower body, the only thing which was maintaining some distance between there upper bodies were her hands which she had placed in front of her instinctively. She opened her mouth to protest but she was silenced by his angry kiss. She tried to keep her mouth closed but as he bite her lower lip making her gasp. Her knees went weak and she clung to him to make herself steady. She gave in with a little sigh. He was now kissing her passionately. His one hand was now cupping her neck and another was stroking her bare waist. She felt the butterflies fluttering everywhere his hands touched her. He pulled her hard against him as he broke the kiss and stared kissing her side of the mouth and neck. He pulled out her clip and pulled her hairs to expose more of her neck. She went mad with the desire as she struggle with the buttons of his shirt. She heard him groan as she touched his bare chest. She felt as if she was on fire when he kissed her at the base of her neck. He again captured her mouth in a hungry kiss and this time she kissed him back. He broke the after what seem like eternity and said,

"Come up with me sweetheart before we put this place on fire and then maybe you can show me the tricks you used to lure my father. I promise I'm better than him" 

 She froze at his sentence. She felt like someone has emptied a bucket full of ice on her. She pushed him way and 

Marriage was never on Nisha's to-do list, but all her plans were ruined when a sexy, arrogant British billionaire entered in her life demanding to make her his wife for purely selfish reasons. Now she was not only married to him but also torn between her past and the new feelings he was igniting in her.

Nick hated Nisha with all his heart but when he saw the real her, he fell in love with her yet she didn't and he plans to change that

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Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 29, 2016
"room(, l)eaving everyone" would read better as one sentence
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 29, 2016
"(Everyone) could see Nicholas  (stiffen/go rigid)" so you don't repeat 'tense'
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 29, 2016
"thought (as to) what people thought about" so you don't repeat 'about'. Or even just 'to' would work.
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 29, 2016
"He knew <it> (the) market" would read better cutting 'it' and adding 'the'.
Tegan1311 Tegan1311 Mar 29, 2016
This line reads oddly. Do you mean he's going to 'turn' the problem into the solution?
thickskinnedaf thickskinnedaf Sep 27, 2015
Loosing your loved ones for Cancer is the worst thing that could ever happen to person. I lost my dad.