Tears Of Cinderella

Tears Of Cinderella

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Alexis Snow By AlexisSnow0724 Updated Sep 10

Kings... Queens... Princes... Princesses... 

In the modern 21st century, monarchy only exists in various countries likeJapan and England, but what if we tinker history a little bit. Let's revise it in a way that the world that we know ceases to exist, that instead of many independent powers, the world is outclassed by one Kingdom The Kingdom of Pendragon. 

Gareth was the fourth prince of the Kingdom of Pendragon. He had all the things that every commoner and lords can dream of, but he detested all of that. He hated the protocois. He hated the rules. He hated the manipulations. He hated his King of a father. To him, the Palace is a place of nothing but restrictions. He felt suffocated. So, with on|y the fiery courage in his heart, he left the palace and gone rogue. The press tagged him as the prodigal son, but he couldn't care less. What matters to him was his freedom outside the grandeur prison of a palace. It is the outside world molded him to be the man that he is now; cunning, smart and ruthless. He became the captain of his ship and the master of his fate. 

But circumstances brought him back to the Palace. This time, he actually considered staying. He met a woman with the most gorgeous eyes and the most delicious pair of lips. Nothing surprises him anymore but the woman blows him away during their first meeting. And after a wonderful kiss, she ran away. Like Cinderella, she leaves him hanging by the thread along with her crystal stilettos.

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Accounting1995 Accounting1995 Apr 15, 2017
Hi Ms.Author i just started reading your book oh boy interesting, kaya Ito second book na Ako keep it up
SherrieAngelie SherrieAngelie Sep 05, 2014
Amazing!:)) hi writer keep up the good work, saludo ako ..gareth magdusa ka pag nalaman mo ung totoo haha
tashie3380 tashie3380 Sep 04, 2014
ano na gareth??? sampal kay steff.. thanks po sa update ms author, sana po may ksunod na. god bless po
Madzy01 Madzy01 Sep 03, 2014
Soooo.. @GenieRavago mas dapat siya i-promote!! Grabe lang ha.. hater gonna hate! We still love your works..
                              Simula pa lang ituuuuu hihihi~
                              Go Gareth x Steff <3
squirtlesolarmoon squirtlesolarmoon Sep 02, 2014
haLa cnunq epaL naq repOrt nun (-__-) ..
                              Oks Lanq yan authOr no matter what susuportahan ka pa din namin kahit waLa na unq story mo sa what's hOt !!
                              keep up the qoOd wOrk :) ..
AprilPaguinto AprilPaguinto Sep 01, 2014
Naexcite pa naman ako, akala ko update :( Haha. But still, very unique and amazing stories Genie! :)