Just Friends?

Just Friends?

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Niki By Millie-Dawson Updated Aug 23, 2020

Ruby is a 17 years old girl who was having a hard life because her step father was abusing her while her pregnant mom treated her bad as well and students in her collage used to tease her. she was known as 'the ketchup' girl. But she had one person to help her. Max Harrington, the popular and every girl's dream boy, Ruby's best friend since she was 3 years old. Did she have a secret crush on him?

But everything changed when very beautiful Ryna showed up and started dating Max, causing Ruby to be half heart broken.She saw them making out in a party, so when she turned to run away, The bad boy Chase grabbed her and the whole school teased her. But that made her meet her future boyfriend, Luka- her hero.

However, her destiny turned her down once again. She became a murderer which caused so many troubles. Who did she kill? And why?

She got to fight with the life. She started dating Luka and then, Max acted weird after that. Was he jealous? If he likes Ruby, why would he date Ryna?

And now...

The stalker.... the black eyed stalker is her most important case. Who is he? Why does he follow her everywhere? What does he want? Is she in a trouble again?

And fighting with all the jealousy and stuff, who would win her heart?

Love or Hate?

Death or Date?