Once Upon A Blue Moon

Once Upon A Blue Moon

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Aanuoluwapo. T. Ojewuyi By AiderKwin Completed

Formerly Known As 'The Ghost In My Attic'

The cold Brooke Hills breeze takes over the night. Blowing mercilessly as it cools off some of the pain on my face... 

I watch the trees dance in the wind and the moon plays hide and seek with people like me who are still looking at it. Hiding behind the tree branches and leaves. 

I always feel serene and at peace when looking at the moon but tonight..... Looking at it just purely outlines the difference between who I used to be and what I currently am. 

Like soothing kisses the rain droplets rest on my skin. Not long; the rain begins to pour. The pregnant clouds decided the time to deliver their bottled up tears was when my heart had no strength left to cry anymore.... 

I feel the rain flow over my body and I wish it could flow through me... Flow through me and wash off the dirt and memories of this horrid night. 

My legs hardly leave the floor as I walk ghost like towards home. What used to be my safe heaven..... 


After years of being insulted and hurt by the whole town, the final line is crossed when the mayors son takes away the one thing she valued most.(Her virginity). 

Soon after she meets a ghost, the mayors son is found dead and alot of dirty secrets begin to surface. Is  Laina really the culprit or is she just a victim of circumstance?. 
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