Daydreaming about Mr. Sloan (Teacher-Student)

Daydreaming about Mr. Sloan (Teacher-Student)

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geumjandi By geumjandi Updated Sep 20

Julian Sloan knew exactly what kind of person he was. Being a part of the Sloan family means, fame, money, real estates, suits, women and fast cars.

Well, despite having all of his family's wealth, his ambition was always definite. He wanted to become a teacher all of his life. He wanted to share the knowledge he always has.

Julian likes women too, a lot, but he was never serious.  Until he met her, the girl who trembles in his presence. Infuriating, intimidating yet, beautiful Rhoda Georgette Dena. A 17-year-old student of him.

Former title: My Wild Daydream about my teacher

flory27 flory27 Sep 13
She must be in of those where whites are the rulers, so I got what is she feeling
Me: *passes out in the 1st session* or as the teacher says a *breaks neck like Peter*
SaBamBam SaBamBam Sep 05
My AP Bio teacher was also my AP Chem teacher last year. He teaches both classes lol. I'm like wtf how?
halijahfan halijahfan Sep 08
THIS WAS COMPLETED BEFORE!!!!!!! Are you rewriting this? @geumjandi
onesweetcandy onesweetcandy Sep 13, 2015
pleaaaaaaase make it a dream i can;t take it it toooooo embarassing
Love_White_boys Love_White_boys Jun 27, 2015
Bra. My life. I had a fine new math teacher my sophomore year. Boi was he cute