Daydreaming about Mr. Sloan (Teacher-Student)

Daydreaming about Mr. Sloan (Teacher-Student)

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Ann Margarette By geumjandi Updated Mar 20

Gifted with intelligence, wealth and a pure male aesthetics, Julian Sloan has everything every woman desires. Being a part of his family means fame, money, real estates, fast cars and women.

Yes, he likes women, a lot, but he was never serious. Until he met her, the girl who tremble in his presence. Infuriating, intimidating yet, beautiful Georgette Dena, a seventeen-year-old student of him.

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Never heard of a teacher leaving class to look for a student if it not a emergency👌😔😮😒😦
Secondhand embarassment is real ya'll i'm just covering my face man. I wanna be burried right now.
1800trymehoe 1800trymehoe Nov 15, 2017
                              Oh hell no🤚🏾
flory27 flory27 Sep 13, 2016
She must be in of those where whites are the rulers, so I got what is she feeling
DaynaDunn456 DaynaDunn456 Aug 13, 2016
Me: *passes out in the 1st session* or as the teacher says a *breaks neck like Peter*
SaBamBam SaBamBam Sep 05, 2016
My AP Bio teacher was also my AP Chem teacher last year. He teaches both classes lol. I'm like wtf how?