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The Housekeeper (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction) #Wattys2015

The Housekeeper (Larry Stylinson Fan Fiction) #Wattys2015

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Sam By onedirection23rd Updated Nov 29, 2015

Harry was just a poor housekeeper… a maid, a caretaker of homes. He had absolutely nothing going for him. He was back and forth on trying to settle in a proper place, but he never made enough money to do so. Harry was always stuck and always came across problems.

That was until he met Louis Tomlinson.

Who was Louis exactly?

Well, he was one of the richest people in London.

Louis had a perfect life.

He had a perfect girlfriend, Eleanor, he had a perfect house, he had a perfect job, he had perfect friends, he had a perfect everything.

Harry would have never expected a job of such worth, but it came about at complete random.

One of Louis’ managers had hired Harry off the bat after Louis had fired his old maid, in search for a new one.

Of course, it started off as any house Harry has taken care of, he would clean up, cook, and go home, unless he was allowed to stay at the home he took care of (which rarely happened).

It was nothing.

Louis only saw Harry as his housekeeper with a shy attitude.

And Harry only saw Louis as his ‘master’ with a big ass ego. 

They were opposites, polar opposites.

But... opposites attract, don't they?

Hey, i just met you and this is crazy so givmme your number.. "I'll call you."
Why did I think this was a foreign language at first? Like wtf brain, come on!
ashiya_anya ashiya_anya Apr 06
Wow..So many has read this book so many times... !! Nice
                              Just wanted to know know..Is this book complete? Coz i hate cliff hangers!!
Nobody even knows maybe thats Louis' dog or snake its his snake for sure
You spelled 'boyfriend' and 'Harry' wrong. Stupid auto correct, am I right?
sybelle96 sybelle96 Feb 27
Big  ego and an even bigger ass* there i corrected it for you sweetie xD