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You're My Angel and I'm Your Demon (Ciel x Reader)

You're My Angel and I'm Your Demon (Ciel x Reader)

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FanficGirl2727 By FanficGirl2727 Completed

Your a girl who lives alone in an abandoned mansion. Your parents died long ago and the new age of life has begun. The year is 1979 and you've been alone for over ninety years. How have you lived that long and your only sixteen? Your an angel. You dont serve god and you dont serve the devil, you serve yourself with the fortune your parents left behind for you. You always lived a quiet life, until one day you come across a fight between a weird looking man and two men. As one was trapped and the other was undefended you step in and everything changes. I DO NOT OWN BLACK BUTLER OR THESE PICTURES!

Phantomhive_Menace Phantomhive_Menace Dec 25, 2016
did you know that ciel isn't actually a demon? all of season 2 was filler and didn't actually happen in the manga.
KiaTheOtaku KiaTheOtaku 3 days ago
We are Siamese if you please~~~ 🎶🎶🎶sorry I love classic Disney films XD
Daaaaw~ I've always wanted a German Shepherd X3
                              2 Rottweiler 
                              1 Golden Retriever
                              1 Labrador Retriever  
                              1 dead Rottweiler 
                              1 dead Australian Shepherd 
                              1 dead Labrador Retriever 
                              Ok I'm done now
RubyCookiez RubyCookiez Feb 07
lol.... whenever i imagine myself in x readers, I always give myself wings, ears and a tail lol
fiftyshadesofyes fiftyshadesofyes 7 days ago
^ so far loving the story but i agree. and im pretty sure women wouldn't even be aloud to where this
GRELLY!!!! MY 3rd TOMATO CHILD!~ what? There's Nathanael and Karma too...