Hybrid's Delicate Lover(A Klaus Mikaelson love story)

Hybrid's Delicate Lover(A Klaus Mikaelson love story)

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Klaus believed there was no one more important to him than his own daughter, but all that changed when he met her... 

Linda 'Quinn' Brooks.  

A socially awkward human girl with no knowledge of the supernatural existence residing in the heart of New Orleans.  
Klaus knows he should keep himself at a distance, but he can't help it and finds himself drawn to her. 

She was abused by her father, her mother abandoned her, her adoptive brother saved her but she was still haunted by her past. She's been running from her father for years until she was able to settle in New Orleans. 
She's all alone and she hates it... but she has to accepts it. 
She's a delicate human creature who breaks easily if not too careful. She locks herself away in the world created in her own mind to create a barrier between herself. She paints her feelings onto canvases to past the days of her taunted life. 
Little did she know that meeting the immortal Hybrid will change her life forever... for  better or for worst. 
Seeing how delicate of a creature she is Klaus wants to help her. He wants to save her from deteriorating in her world. But can he do it?
With his family resurrected back from the dead, how will he protect her from them? How will he keep the supernatural secret from her? How will Quinn cope with Klaus hiding something from her?

Will she survive in this world?
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intospn intospn Apr 16
there are times when you have to be sweet and other times sexy ;)
Klaus has a thing for blondes. I’ll be right back
                              *drives to the salon and dyes hair blonde* 😂😂😂😂 well hello Klaus 😏😏
BeachyCreek BeachyCreek Oct 22, 2016
Of course you'd call yourself someone with keen eyes😂😂
- - Dec 08, 2015
I looked at that gif then said out loud 'I ship them already' then started reading
elegant_fox elegant_fox Jun 19, 2015
Even though I ship her and Klaus so much. Marcel is just so cute.