Echo, Chaos's Assassin

Echo, Chaos's Assassin

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This story is currently undergoing a major rewrite as of 9/22/16. 

By rewrite, I mean that the plot is most likely going to change-- a lot. Events will be edited or deleted and replaced completely. The original story with the first few chapters will stay up until the entire rewritten story is complete. The newer story will be after the final author's note at the very end of the book, so if you wish to just skip the original story, just skip towards the first chapter.

Please note that this rewriting process will take quite a bit due to problems in real life. Thank you everyone for your support on the original story!

//credit to artist for cover (picture found on google images)

That moment when I realize the cover is Fang from Maximum Ride
Don't worry big brother. I hate The Line too. I installed it and then I deleted it less than 10 minutes later!
MythDefender MythDefender 7 days ago
Everybody hates life life hates everybody! I mostly just give it the finger and tell it to shut the f*** up, works eveytime
beastpunch beastpunch Sep 24
AAaand the cliche, I'm going to propose to Annabeth. Huh she's cheating on me? Time to left and never come back or get killlled by sues
Using loopholes to our advantage, well u know what to say if Chiron sees it
NewtsSis NewtsSis Aug 29