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Kamayah By _hoodmisfit Completed

Aaliyah Pov

"Alright I'll talk to you later." Trey said leaving.

"Yeah whatever, don't bother." I said back. 

Yeah imma sideline. I know your not supposed to catch feelings and its just sex but my feelings are to strong for his no good ass. I'm Aaliyah Brown and 
I've been Trey's sideline for about a year now. 

He always tell me that he's gonna leave her and that he loves me, be he's not and he doesn't. 

But if he keeps playing me and my feelings. Its like I wanna leave him alone but I just can't. 

I want to talk to other people but I keep finding myself going back to him. But I'm not waiting anymore. Im tired of not being able to go anywhere because he doesn't like to see me with another man. But that stops today.

If he has a girlfriend then I can have a boyfriend or at least a few people to talk to, shit I be bored. If he's not giving me his full attention then I don't want anything to do with him anymore.

I think imma party tonight, imma go with my bestfriend TayTae. Let me ...

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