A Goddess In Disguise

A Goddess In Disguise

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leyva_ashley By leyva_ashley Updated Dec 12, 2014

Katrina had a secret she was the most powerful wolf ever but she never let anybody find out. She also had special powers that are suppose to use at times of troubles. She thought it would cause some trouble. So she rarely used them. 

She then pretended that she was weak and worthless then became the pack's maid. Then she got rejected by her mate and that was the last straw so she decided she had just to leave. 

Will she find a new mate? Will she go back to her old pack? Will people find out what she is?

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  • moongoddessdaughter
  • powerful
  • rejected
  • secret
  • special
  • whitewolf
XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Aug 03
that's what I would write..... besides the rape part!! Oh and I love the ending 👍👍
My eyes are very blue when I'm or smiling but if I'm sad or bored they are grey
TwinSasaeng TwinSasaeng Aug 02
It could be 'Oh yeah I accept your rejection'
                              'Oh Yeah, I accept, you're rejected'
ALibBooks ALibBooks Jul 08
My eyes are extremely dark brown, and one time, because of my mood and the weather, one eye was black and the other a bit of a light brown
XxCKCxX XxCKCxX Aug 03
Why? Just why?? I swear if they found out who she was imma start laughing my a** off 😂😂
Slush-ie Slush-ie Oct 02
Ok no one deserves to be raped that's just wrong and a horrible this to say.