In love with royalty (gxg) (Lesbian story)

In love with royalty (gxg) (Lesbian story)

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vicky By vsalin11 Updated Oct 23

It was a bright sunny morning as my curtains were pulled apart to where I was awaken by the bright blinding rays of the sun. 

"god damit Jess must you do that every morning" I said covering my eyes. 

"Miss. Jamiee your father wishes to have you down for breakfast this morning" she said pulling my covers away. Jess was a tiny woman in her early 30's she has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. 

"he always wants to have breakfast" I said trying to get my blanket back.

"which is why I don't understand why you ever insist on sleeping in". Jess was one of many servants that we had she had been with us since I could remember.

"because one day I hope he would let me sleep in knowing that I have trouble sleeping.'' she just stared at me.

"what?" I questioned her. 

"since when is staying out late going to wild partys and sleeping with god knows who called trouble sleeping''.

ok maybe it wasn't actually trouble sleeping other than having a good time.

"since Im tired'' I whined.


*looks behind me* she must have been talking to someone else.
I wanted a ferret when I was a kid. My mom ended up not getting me a pet for two years, because she was do freaked out. Probably because I told her I want either a ferret, a geko, a small snake or a white mouse with red eyes I would name snowball. XD
Either that or...oh no..! She must be losing her sight..😦...its ok. I'll just explain to her in full detail what I look like later..I mean even I want to kiss myself I'm do pretty.
I'm just saying that's not how you spell it. You spell it like: iPad like iPhone and iPod
....uh...I'm gonna pretend she's listening to the song that just popped up on my radio. Lol it would be so ironic if this song was her ring tone. XD
Ahahahaha I like that a lot! Points to you on creativity!! 👍👍👍