Yup, She's the Alpha.

Yup, She's the Alpha.

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WARNING - Mature content!
Highest rank - #1 in Werewolf 1/7/2016

Cover made by me.

Part of the WereVerse.

Intertwined with the stories: 'Yup, She was Rejected', 'Not so Ordinary' and 'Broken Beast'.


Imagine having to take care of all the responsibilities that your Dad drops on you after passing away because of his bond with your mom.

Yeah, I lost em both.

Having to control a Pack with over 500 members, expected to make decisions an 18 year old isn't suppose to make. I don't know how many times I've been challenged. I lost count after 47. I've beaten all my opponents with ease. I am a master in 8 different types of martial arts and do 6 different types of sports and was trained by the best, my Dad. I hope to find my mate one day and protect my Pack against the Rouges and Hunters... I'm more than ready. Oh and did I happen to mention I'm a girl? Oh well if not... Hey, the name's Mackenzie Xavier.

Alpha Mackenzie Xavier.


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Um no because they are looked down upon and rare.. but what do I know? 😞
OMG THE IRONY! My name's Jade and my BFF's name is Denise! We love Teen Wolf! HAHA 😂  🤣
- - Jan 28
I know. Guess who's about to reread your book because she didn't have time t read and forgot what happened?
- - Jan 28
*takes notes* 
                              Utilmate weakness = pancakes with chocolate chip
You should remove 'aside from her temper' because it isn't her appearance 
                              Or you could just replace 'appearance' with a comma (,)