Secret Of Innocence {Yandere BNHA x Reader}

Secret Of Innocence {Yandere BNHA x Reader}

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"You're mine and I'm yours. If you can't see that, I guess I'll have to make you"
  -Izuku Midoriya

"You are beautiful and I won't allow anybody to tell you otherwise! You belong to me!"
  -Tenya Iida

"I'm in love with you and you dont reciprocate those feelings.....yet."
  -Shoto Todoroki

"You're pretty stupid if you think I won't kill anyone who gets in my way of being with you."
  -Katsuki Bakugo


And many other characters have fallen for you! The only problem? It's an obsessive love that exceeds your painfully oblivious innocence.

Started: June 13 2020

Ended: ????