The 3 Princess God Slayers(A Fairy Tail fanfic)[slow updates]

The 3 Princess God Slayers(A Fairy Tail fanfic)[slow updates]

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SRA By KawaiiGhoul Updated Jul 14, 2016

Lucy happened to be kicked out of Team Natsu and has been ignored by the guild the past 7 months when Lisanna returns from being back from the so called "dead" so Lucy wants revenge for saying that she was weak and the only people that still really care about Lucy are Lisanna herself, Wendy and the exceeds.
When Lucy leaves the guild to become more stronger so Lisanna and Wendy go with her because they know how Lucy is feeling and don't want to leave her alone. 

How will the guild react to what they have done to there 3 nakama's?

Find out on what Lisanna has to say about her siblings!!

Okey yus Lisanna is not evil in this story.
Don't get me wrong for you people who hate Lisanna... Personally I love Lisanna...

AirPokemon AirPokemon Aug 05, 2016
The Lucy in the anime would Lucy Kick his ass to the moon. XD I can just imagine it.
Melody_Dragneel Melody_Dragneel Aug 06, 2016
Yay! Lisanna us nice in this fanfic. I've been searching for these.
Badass__Angel Badass__Angel May 28, 2016
lisanna and wendy blonde?!
                              i am laughing to hard at this
ElementalQueens ElementalQueens Oct 02, 2016
Every other NaLu fanfic: LISANNA YOU B CH 
                              This fanfic: SLAY LISANNA
panadapo panadapo Apr 29, 2016
0-100 reeeeeaaaaal quick. Good cuz I hate it why the story drags on forever
xNightDracox xNightDracox Jul 28, 2016
I can do shorter, 
                              Levy POV,
                              As I landed, I fell on something sold, I looked down to see it was Gajeel. "Oh My! I'm sorry" "No Bigy'" 
                              Mira's POV
                              "My OTP senses it tingling"