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Finding Her Blessing

Finding Her Blessing

330K Reads 21.1K Votes 67 Part Story
Kiki By KikiEmin Updated Apr 30, 2016

When Emi Ichijo is forced to marry one of the Jonhson brothers, she doesn't know what to do. What she knows is that she doesn't want to marry Blake - the most arrogant, pompous man she's ever met, Alec - the biggest womaniser, James - the hot-tempered jerk who likes to insult her, or Connor - the glutton, who eats even more than her.

Left in their house, she needs to find a way to avoid marriage. But will she be successful?

Cover by awesome @Xx1D_Diana_mcxX <3

Romance #98
General Fiction #42
Humor #310

Marsshmellow123 Marsshmellow123 Jul 19, 2016
For a second I was confused since I thought you were commenting on the copy right thing above... But then I realised my obvious mistake😂😂
Marsshmellow123 Marsshmellow123 Jul 19, 2016
What options.. Definitely father of the year 😂 Although I already feel really bad for her
Roar_FearMe Roar_FearMe Apr 27, 2016
lmao, I have no idea how this book got into my library but I'm not complaining bec desperate for something decent to read
Punromantic Punromantic Apr 14, 2015
@KikiEmin Exactly!  I prefer or the cute devil ones or the wicked ones (>///<)
KikiEmin KikiEmin Apr 12, 2015
@LO0OLZZ Haha. I like tsundere protagonists XD But it's usually the guys who are arrogant and rich.
Punromantic Punromantic Apr 12, 2015
I wish this was an otome-game ;n; 
                              I have always wanted to be an arrogant and rich protagonist in an otome-game, since it was never done before~