Possessive Alpha (#1 Extraordinary Love)

Possessive Alpha (#1 Extraordinary Love)

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Book 1 from the ''Extraordinary Love'' serial.

[Warning: This story was written when I was 14, so read on your own risk]

Every day is the same for me - entering the school with my seductive look, while having many interested looks from others (especially girls), as I lead my four best friends with me. But this day wasn't the same for me and I could sense that at the time I have entered the school.

I could sense some new smell which was attracting me in special way and I couldn't run away from it. I could smell it more and more as I was walking through the hall. It was so foreign, yet so special. Like it was calling me to come, without any success in resisting it.

But then, it hit me and I stopped walking. I didn't move from my spot, just staying there like a frozen man, while my eyes were still on the floor. Guys were giving me strange looks like they were asking me why in the hell did I stop walking?

My head started moving upwards so my eyes could land on a beautiful girl through my eyelashes in front of me. And from that moment, I knew one thing. My wolf was howling in the most biggest pleasure, as I growled under my breath, whispering one word, ''Mine.''

*  *  *

Ellie Radney is a 17 year old girl who doesn't know how to deal with her problems. When her mother dies and her dad becomes retired, both of them move to the new place called Oregon. But little did she know what is waiting her there. Or should I say: who. Could Nathan - the badass, big player and talented basketball player - take her heart even when she's human and doesn't know anything about werewolves, especially about the mate bond? And at the time she arrives, Nathan already has his big part. He becomes an Alpha of the most powerful pack in the world. But that's not all. He wants her and he will kill anyone who's on his way. Will he succeed? Find out!

Warning: It can consist strong language and some sexual content.

Copyright © 2014 by AnaBuu. All rights reserved.

calonzokim calonzokim Jul 27
it's okay.. needs editing and maybe you shoul make nathan sound a little more masculine..
JuliannaM11 JuliannaM11 Jun 29
I've watched that video so many times because it's my all time favorite wattpad trailer
Seductive 😂😂 I thought that this was a female pov 😂
LonelyCasey LonelyCasey Jul 17
the story looks really good and well written, can't wait to read
Thank you English teacher, for teaching me a word I didn't think that is ever need to know.
                              I was wrong
Read the bottom of the last chapter guys she says she is following the rules from her school in another country!!