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Pen Your Pride


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Matthew Seaver By MattTheNovelist Completed

An intimate fantasy tale, told in the stylings of an epic Asian drama, inspired by sweeping Chinese tragic story-telling, and dressed in a fictional fusion of Far Eastern mysticism and elements of steam culture.  
      Turn the silk veil on a world forbidden from common eyes where children sail airships across the sky, a young emperor faces the tattered remains of his empire, a warlord stands on the brink of total conquest, and a gifted young boy embarks on a remarkable odyssey of triumph and sacrifice.
  	Terr hardly knew the incredible future that awaited him when, for the first time, he laid his eyes upon the ether, a mysterious force visible only to a special group of children who are endowed with the divine ability to levitate airships and change the very will of the sky itself. Like all those who shared in his supernatural talents, he would be thrust into a secret world steeped in oriental traditions, be revered by monks and priests, sold by eager merchants, and abused by a rebellious military, lead by an ambitious warlord that would seek to unite all under heaven. 
  	In his sadly fallible, yet all-too-human journey, he would face the corruption of the Imperial Courts, be thrown into banishment as the servant of an exiled son of the Imperial Family, and eventually suffer the terrible horrors of a world war, which threatens to end all he holds dear. 
  	But as Terr and his dying country careen into the depths of a world torn by vengeance and prejudice, he would come to discover that even a humble child of the sky can still change the course of fate.
         SKY OF PAPER is also available for kindle and other mobile devices in its original chapter format on Amazon Kindle via the following link:

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ChristopherLanning1 ChristopherLanning1 Apr 03, 2017
This paragraph is heavy with a passive voice. "Had" appears a lot, muddling the otherwise beautiful paragraph. See of it can be rewritten without that passive tense.
AsianFantasyComm AsianFantasyComm Apr 29, 2016
This line feels rather odd to me. What did the ash do as it "wrenched my nostrils"? Or if it's the only action for this clause, it should be "the pungent order of ash wrenching my nostrils", right?
AsianFantasyComm AsianFantasyComm Apr 29, 2016
This is a really captivating start! I'm curious as to who the girl is, and I love the descriptions here!
NYCProdigy NYCProdigy Feb 23, 2016
Interesting start. Matt Parker said this book was worth the read and I'm not disappointed so far.
The_Crxssroads The_Crxssroads May 08, 2016
Awesome! An epic beginning, one that a good epic (Hahaha get it?) truly deserves. Very well written.
Artisihoe Artisihoe May 19, 2016
Great so far! Puts a very good image in my head! I have the "Rosemary" font on my phone and it fits the story just wonderfully. I think I'm addicted already!