Mr. & Mrs. Impossible!

Mr. & Mrs. Impossible!

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Be careful who you sleep with... because sometimes your life can totally change when you wake up the next morning... 

Specially when you don't expect to find yourself in a strange room with a totally hot and charming stranger smirking at you and a strange cold thing around your finger...

The Carlson family tradition is again going to tie the two strangers in a marital bond - only that it wont be an arranged marriage....... but an Accidental Marriage! 

Will Arianna Carlson have the same fate as her parents? She Don't Think So...

michiko46 michiko46 5 days ago
But does Chase know the girl in cassino is the one he's getting married to?
Is Chase the guy her parents want her to marry? But she likes Brandon?
sherogue sherogue Nov 18, 2016
It was the stupidest, illogical and weirdest tradition ever. Why would you force you children to marry a stranger when they already have a boyfriend? Just so you can continue the stupid tradition?
famouslyrejected famouslyrejected Jun 30, 2016
I'm confused he's alright but you have to go home immediately🤔
famouslyrejected famouslyrejected Jun 30, 2016
Yea he cheating cause he's basically telling you to do the same thing so he won't have a guilty conscience
It's Chase Wyatt. Not Chase Lancaster, honey. LOL. she would have felt so embarrassed at the casino!